The Book of Lists Albuquerque

Hidden secret for start-ups and businesses looking to expand client base, The 2016 - 2017 Book of Lists brought to you by ABQ Business First.

Prospecting. We are all haunted by this. Some of us search for quantity, racking up as many leads as possible and spinning our wheels on all of the no chance in hell clients. Others search for quality and end up spending all of their time looking for clients that are perfect in every way. Unfortunately, perfection is unattainable and if you spend more time looking for clients then calling on clients, likely you will not get many clients.

The secret to prospecting is balance. A 50/50 balance of prospecting and calling on new business is ideal. It's important to know enough about a prospective clients' industry, business, etc. but if you try to learn everything before picking up the phone, likely you will end up wasting a lot of time studying for nothing. Once the prospective has agreed to a meeting with you and/or additional information about your services, sure, then you should learn as much as possible about your prospective before walking into that meeting.

In terms of finding these folks, the sky is the limit. Web searches, networking events and groups, driving down the street and taking pictures with your smart phone, knocking doors, purchasing leads' lists from sales companies and the list goes on...

I am going to share a nice quick and dirty prospecting trick for local business': The Book of Lists. ABQ Business First has already gone through the trouble collecting all relevant information across every industry for all business' in the Albuquerque vicinity. You will find information that you can not find online such as the company owner/main contact ie. DECISION MAKER, annual profits, rankings, all contact information, website, address, etc.

I have been going through industry by industry and adding promising prospective's directly to my CRM. It truly does not get any easier than that and for $60 for a hard copy I would bet that I am getting more bang for my buck compared to purchasing a random list with who knows what kind of data from an online sales company.

Please note, I am specifically looking for business clients - B2B sales. However, I do see the potential for even B2C business' as The Book of Lists includes the most affluent neighborhoods in ABQ too - hello contractors!

Hope this was helpful and here is a link so you can get your hands on a copy of your own.

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